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Your First Appointment

Image by Joyce McCown



I will ask detailed questions about your symptoms, such as how and when they started, activities that aggravate them, the area(s) of the body involved, and what you can and can’t do.


I will ask about any medication you may be taking, operations or procedures you may have had, and previous health issues, accidents or injuries.  It is also helpful to know a bit about your everyday life such as work, hobbies, sports, diet and family health. This helps me build a picture of what your body may have been through over the years. It may be relevant to your current symptoms. 



I may ask you to remove some clothing from the area being examined, and you may be asked to perform simple movements.


I will use my hands to find areas of weakness, tenderness, restriction or strain within your body.  Following the principle that ‘the body is a unit’ I will examine your whole body to see what may or may not be influencing your symptoms.


I may take your blood pressure and perform other clinical tests such as checking nerves and muscle power. These tests are important, because as a qualified and registered Osteopath I am trained to identify a wide range of health conditions that may require referral to a GP or specialist for further investigation such as MRI, Xray or blood tests.

Shoulder Treatment



I will then be able to say whether or not Osteopathy can help treat the problem and, if so, discuss with you what the treatment programme should involve.  For details on the types of treatment I offer click HERE

I will be able to advise on self-help and exercise to aid your recovery and prevent symptoms returning or getting worse.


At the end of this first appointment I will discuss with you if any follow up appointments are needed.  These usually last 30 minutes.

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